Micro-Kitchen Design:  All the Buffalo

All the Buffalo

We raised 5 kids in tiny Manhattan apartments; space was a premium. Most modern appliances are empty space when not in use: dishwasher, oven/microwave, sink, range, appliances, washer/dryer, refrigerator. We use All Of The Buffalo: all of the space there is.

Dishwasher: Moved to shelf height, sealed sliding doors allow dishes to be washed without the wasted step of unloading them. Provides 56" x 14" of dishwasher space, with the option to wash one side only for light use & less wasted water. Water drains out the back into the sink drain.

Convection Oven/Microwave: If an oven can seal with one door, it can seal with two. The second door allows the oven to collapse into itself, freeing up counter space. Switches prohibit use when door is not locked in place. Located at comfortable counter height, the door slides upwards and out of the way when not in use. Fits a Thanksgiving turkey.

Sink: By freeing up space elsewhere, this design allows for an over-sized basin sink. For laundry, dishes, washing kids and dogs. 23"w 20"l 10"d is a lot of sink for a small apartment. Drains through garbage disposal located behind freezer drawer.

Range: Tucks under a countertop for protection when not in use. Vent ties into the convection oven vent at the bottom of the dishwasher shelf and above the appliance garage.

Appliance Garage: Can fit 2 appliances comfortably, possibly three: blender, food processor, coffee machine. Outlets are located on the garage and under the magnetized part of the back-splash. Easy to pull out and use, and stow when not in use.

Washer/Dryer: Life become bearable in a tiny apartment with a washer/dryer. Our design frees up enough space for an optional unit, which uses the same vent as the convection oven.

Refrigerator/Freezer Drawers: Allow for top loading, so nothing gets lost in the back and spaces can be see and used efficiently. Design provides space for up to 5 drawers of either type.

All Of The Buffalo Micro-kitchen has rounded edge butcher block countertop and trim, to provide a comfortable surface to work on and lean against when working. Reflective steel surfaces are durable and reflect the color of the paint on the walls opposite, creating every color option.

Appliances come in separate modules for ease of transport, installation, and repair.

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Meet The Team

Tim Boyle

Architect and Toy Designer

Arizona Architect (formerly in NYC), Toy Designer for brincadada.com, Design School Faculty at ASU (formerly at Columbia GSAPP), Father of 5, Artist, 10K barefoot runner, & someday I hope to visit Antarctica.

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